Sunday, July 17, 2011

It was a decent night-out when out of a sudden I got a text message from my bestie back in home-town.

Oh my, my friend did it.

He attached a picture along the messages, and I was shocked to see that he bought something for that guy.

A gift you see.

A belated birthday present from my dearest friend to that guy who is like 700km apart from him. My friend went out with this guy once. Didn't really know what happened during the outing with him, but then my friend is all over this guy.

Before and after the meet-up, they basically communicated through IM-ing and phone.

So tell me, what happened to this dear friend of mine ? In a way that I think it's just overly too much as the gift costed like almost 300 bucks and you are giving it to him purely on friendship term/business partners/affection ?

Friend oh friend, I hope you stick to what you told me just a moment ago and be mindful of the outcome.

Sometimes loneliness will drive us to do crazy things, but then not this.


Leo Nut said...

lol, im like your friend.. Told a friend i wont go after someone, next thing i knew i was giving him gifts!! 300 bucks is a little too much though.. Ask him again if he is clear on what he is thinking la.. :]

Danny said...

it might be crazy to other ppl .. but i think as long as the person is enjoying it ( and nobody get hurt ) .. ok lo..

alvin_t said...

what people do for love .. UNBELIEVABLE

ooi2009 said...

what i do for love ...UNBELIEVABLE

Deicidal said...

no one can put a price to the fluttering of the heart. sometimes, it's worth it. Other times, friends get worried. :P

Chen Xing said...

@Klex: I supposed he came to his senses. Fingers cross, let's just hope that he will keep his promise.

@Danny: Enjoyment is surely there, but then what if the person is hurt deeply from the inside ?

Not healthy right...

@alvin_t: Exactly. But then it's something that we can learn from.

@ooi2009: Hahaha, come share with us what you did.

@Deicidal: I mean, if you know there's 50/50 chance then I would say go for it.

Sad to say, the current situation is like 99/1. So what's the point ?