Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I would say that today marked the start of something exciting in the new place.

Yup, no doubt at all. Attended two meetings back-to-back, 11 am till 4 pm and the best part of it was that I had no lunch at all.

Not that I intended to skip, but then there was just no time to squeeze in for it.


Hence now, I am feeling a little dizzy and exhausted though I ate something for dinner.

Previously, meetings were scheduled in a way that both parties were comfortable in attending it. If it's at noon, then it will either be a working lunch, or at least there's a short break in between.

Hates it when you are in the middle of something important or someone is presenting and the rest of the room is just so quiet, then out of a sudden a symphony of belly beats begin to tune out. It's as if you are creating your own masterpiece of music.

Aiks, I think I should have prepared myself for this, though I know that it's not a frequent thing.

Munch, munch your way to a healthier working lifestyle.


Leo Nut said...

lol, In my case, i dont get much of the tummy sound but the tummy itself is the embarrassing one.. LOL

J-boy said...

OMG I totally know what it feels like! It's hilarious when the tummy starts growling in a quiet room beyond our control, and u wonder if anyone else can hear it haha! I usually cover my stomach with my bag and hug it to conceal whatever noise I can :P

Chen Xing said...

@Klex: No way. You got to be kidding me. Am pretty sure you have the athletic/fit kind of body as you are a dancer.

@J-boy: Hahah..same here. If there's no bad for me to use, I'll tend to move my body, walk around trying to create some distractions.


Deicidal said...

I don't mind the sound. I use it as an excuse to end meetings. :D

Chen Xing said...

@Deicidal: Lol !!! That's if you are the one chairing the meeting.