Saturday, July 9, 2011

Glad that it's the weekend.

Somehow, the adjustment from the previous agency to the new one gives me much of a time to ponder on few matters.

Now that I am sort of on a smooth flow to building up a career, I came to engage on the following statement.

"Can we find happiness beneath the blanket of lies in reality ?"

Truth been told, and has been revealed. Answers were out there before we committed to it but we ignored the consequences, reminding ourselves by force that there's nothing wrong.

Carrying on with our life without any worries. Without any feeling of guilts to the committed act.

What about with the other party ?

A sin seen seems to be wrong in the sight of the people, but to us, an attempt to curb the desperation to a body that's once housed an empty soul.

I supposed at the end of the day there's something for us to hold on to. Let go, and back to grip on something else again. As usual.

Ignore me. This is just a very random entry to unclutter my very clouded mind.

In fact, I am so used to it.

It's not a phase, just a cycle.


Deicidal said...

Sometimes we have to look at the big picture, like life.

And sometimes we just need to appreciate the finer things.

The little wonders.

Le Chatelier said...

Yes, I can find happiness beneath the lies and blah blah blah, but it's just temporarily, one day the shit will still surface and...

Hold on to what u think is right loh~
Be true to yrself :-) Stand for what is right and fight the wrong!

ooi2009 said...

u neva wanna see me izzit"?

Chen Xing said...

@Deicidal: Yup. But then finding the right balance to the statement seems to be quite hard.

@Le Chatelier: Am going to be who I am. Not going fake around, when I know that it's a wrong act to follow.


@ooi2009: Do you have Facebook ? Email me your Facebook link, and I'll add you.


ooi2009 said...

what is ur email add?

Chen Xing said...