Sunday, July 3, 2011

Does the following ever happened to you before ?

  • IM-ed someone and that someone didn't really want to reply your messages.
  • Left messages and comments on the Facebook wall, and few moments later, didn't get a reply as well.
  • WhatsApp that someone, and trying hard to put the blame that there's something wrong with the connection/network.

Got to say, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

When things got out of control and doesn't really flow the way we intended, we tend to ignore.

The best part of it, we don't have to feel guilty as we don't really want to have anything to do with it in the first place.

Couldn't care less.

But then do trust me, I am already numb to it. Throw me all these actions, and I'll just take the pain without any complains. It's like a cycle, which I just can't get bored dealing with it.

Once, twice, thrice...

Craving for a cream-pie mud-pie now.


Darren said...

then stay away from him as obviously he is not into you.

Danny said...

as long as u know how to survive.. then shld b ok..
but worth it or not?

alvin_t said...

make urself more valuable .. dun waste time on people like this .. keep yr options open .. if he wants to answer he will unless he has other obligations .. xoxo

J-boy said...

i think we all have done it and been on the receiving end as well..

It's by far not the best solution, but is a quick one.

Deicidal said...

It just happened to me. Again.

And I know it's easier said than done but we need to move on.

That being said, I still keep the option open... sometimes he inadvertently 'comments' on my FB posts... sigh. It's like reeling me in to my death on a yummy but deadly fish hook.

Chen Xing said...

@Darren: Well it frustrates me as sometimes he do accommodates the interactions...

Perhaps you are right. I'll just slowly drift away from him...or I can just continue to touch his hearts.

Thanks for dropping by !

@Danny: I think, certain part of me feels empty. Hence this is why I surround myself with these.


@alvin_t: Maybe, heavy responsibilities that he'll have to carry out.

One thing for sure, I'll spread the options wide enough for me to be able to feel happy.

@J-boy: True. But then I noticed that this act come and go, once in a while.

@Deicidal: That's the thing with them, knowing when to pull the rod/bait and when to release it.