Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is it true that mystery adds to excitement ?

The more you are unclear of a certain matter, the more eager you are to find out about it. As you go deeper connecting the dots, you unfold another set of puzzles. Eventually, it makes you even more greedier as you think that you are able to solve all of it at one go.

Truth is at stake ?

Still not done with the first set of questions, you take on the second one. Slowly, this will fill-up the time you have. Solving mystery, one by one, day by day, time after time.

For most of us we opt to remain anonymous in the virtual realm. Careful and discreet of our interactions with other virtual characters. It's not that some of us are still in the closet but then the anonymity creates a new persona in the cyber realm that will add on to the excitement of the content posted.

If there's one thing, do we still need to unhide our self in this community where we are comfortable at most in expressing our thoughts.

Stop cracking the mystery as being mysterious creates the buzz so long you know how to spin a good story.


savante said...

Maybe in the beginning, you need that element of mystery to make things interesting :) But after a while, it's nice to know that the man you love is someone you really really know.

Twohornschild said...

It's thrilling!! but agreed with Savante too.

Deicidal said...

I don't liek being kept in the dark. It's kind of a pet peeve. But I relent if people insist on not telling. Mysteries just beg to be solved.

Chen Xing said...

@savante: Agree, but then I still believe in the great-reveal.

@two horns child: Hey there, thanks for dropping to my blog.

Question is, will perception change when the truth is being told ?

@Deicidal: Hence, are we always in the verge of finding the missing puzzle ?