Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old school days...

"Once upon a time....", the usual starting line on how a story should begins with.

Can't run away from the truth that we are thought to always reflect on past incidents (if that's the case, how can we move on then), putting on a high level of fantasy and imagination all in the name of creativity.

That's back then, young and naive us.

So I was at an interview session few hours ago, and the interviewer asked whether I write or not. Wanting to score well, of course I said yes and not that I am speaking blindly out from my mouth at that moment, but then to be honest, blogging is a form of writing too as far I know.

The he added on, "So, do you write strategically ?". I was like thinking and cracking my head for an answer to that question he posted. Not so sure what he meant, I replied "Well, I see writing as an after-work medium for me to de-stress". He later clarifies, stating that whether I write/propose marketing/advertising strategies to the client or not.

Oh, that kind of writing.

Clearer now, I see. I said no, as strategies will normally come from my bosses.

I ended that topic by saying "I just write creatively".

You know, sometimes when I don't update/write so regularly, part of me feels so guilty. It's like I am neglecting something, mentally making me feeling uneasy.

Do you guys feel the same way too ?

Perhaps that is the sign of passion.


justin k said...

I feel guilty when I don't sketch. Now give me a good chiding and send me the correct way.

Skyhawk said...

I used to have that feeling, feel guilty for not, not anymore...not b'coz I don't want to write, but time is the limit..

Deicidal said...

I don't feel guilty about not blogging. :) My blog's for everyone, but mostly it's my own sounding board too.

J-boy said...

Haha that question was vague! But you answered well..

And it's good that you feel that way about blogging.. Because sometimes the passion to blog just fades. But it's easier to keep it going knowing u have an audience! :)

Deicidal said...

Au contraire, my audience used to feel like children. Feed them and they grow. Pause and they cry for more. Stop, and they die. It all felt like responsibility.

Now, they feel like butterflies, beautiful lives perching on my garden when it's pretty, and fluttering off when it withers. Mostly short of lifespan, and some miraculously long lived, but utterly beautiful all the same. It all feels like a dream.


Mr ET said...

I feel guilty if i dun match-make u and kidz :(

Chen Xing said...

@justin k: Someone's going to be spanked.

Go draw now !!!


@Skyhawk: No wonder you've not been updating so frequent lately.

Been caught up with lots of workload lately ? Don't stress yourself too much.

Do take some time off to relax a little bit.

@Deicidal: Hey, welcome to my blog.

Perhaps the reason why I tend to feel guilty every now and then is plainly because when I dont't blog, I will keep problems to myself. Not healthy sign, hence the guilt.

@J-boy: Yup yup. And thank you all for reading.


@Whizkid: Don't be. Cheer up.

If it's meant to be, then it will. If it's not, then it's all fate

alvin_t said...

u make me realise .. i shud write more often ...

ooi2009 said...