Monday, April 25, 2011

1 Universe, 8 Planets, 192 Countries, 180 497 Islands, 85 Seas, 7 Billion people


I am still SINGLE !

A friend of mine posted the above statement up in his Facebook.

Don't really know what's happening as both of us has been carrying out a pretty hectic life the past week. Couldn't find the spare time to catch up and heart-to-heart talk with each other.

I know being busy in life, is a good thing. But then sometimes we must also take into consideration whether all the things that been keeping us with no little free-time worth the effort and attention or not.

That's what I am feeling right at this moment. For the past 2 weeks, I have been asking a lot of questions to life. Putting career into the perspective and what I want to achieve in life as the big picture.

Oh no, this is not good.

Sometimes I just wish that life is like a high school workbook, whereby questions on the front pages and then flip to the back for the answers. 

Life ain't no this way, just too bad !


Le Chatelier said...

Which made it rather fun and challenging :-) WE only live once! Take it as an experiment lah dude :-) Have fun~

Skyhawk said...

Whichever status it is, so long you are happy. In a relationship doesn't guarantee your happiness. Cheer up man.

J-boy said...

Focusing on career isn't really a choice.. I mean if we really could choose not to, life would be so much more fun.. but that's an unrealistic world rite.

I know sometimes work seems to overpower life, and we question the purpose of doing it all.. but a wise person told me not too long ago that at least it's better than not having anything to do, or it's better than manual labour and barely making enough to make ends meet. So try to be happy :)

And I happen to be in love with FOOD too!!! it's so much less complicated hahaha. One night stands and you don't have to see them again (except in the toilet bowl the next day) XD

Mr ET said...

hmmmm... when can I see ur status update to "ChenXing: in a relationship with Kidz" *wish *wish *wish

ooi2009 said...


Chen Xing said...

@Le Chatelier: Experimenting it for a year. I think for now I can state the results already.

@Skyhawk: Don't worry, but I am trying the hardest to cheer myself up.

@J-boy: Lol. Will be positive. Thing will turn out ok, I just know that.

@Whizkid: Hmm..can't really tell. Can't predict the future.

@ooi2009: I am feeling sleepy too, come let's go to bed together.


ooi2009 said...

yes , we shud(and sex it up) , then we both wont be single no more!

Clayden L. said...

awww.. don't be... desperation wont' lead to great relationships.

good luck!

ooi2009 said...

thanks clayden!

alvin_t said...

u shud be happy that u can be in love with food and still LOOK soo F***ing skinny .. and once in a while when we're busy it's good to put relationship out of our mind ...