Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cinema, mostly every week.

Sometimes, back to back, on Fridays and Saturdays.

Comedy would be the much preferred choice, animation, science-fiction, love-story and never really horror/thriller.


I don't know.

Supposed to be a funny thing, laugh as you go along. But then after the screen fades to black, and when I start to walk out from the hall, I got myself thinking and asking two questions "If only..." and "Why...". I laugh because of the comedy, asking questions because of the romance part.

I am pretty sure that singles and couples will definitely have a different conclusion after watching a love-themed movie in the cinema. One party will probably be all sort of depressed as he or she is still single, whereas the other party on the other hand will be all love-dovey relating their relationship to the one that they have just watched in the movie.

Well, maybe I should instead go watch horror flicks with someone else.

Anyone ?


Aiden said...

I used to like romantic comedies. But now I'm like "oh puhleez" through out the movie.

I don't like horror movies at all. They're too scary. Haha. Okay blonde moment.

Which is why I haven't seen a movie for so long! O.O

- a L E x - said...

No horror movies for me.... I cannot stand the paranoia scaring myself every second xD

Comedy romance movies ftw :D!

Imma watch Love & Other drugs soon ~ Is it nice?

J-boy said...

Heard there's lots of skin in Love & Other Drugs. Can even see Jake's penis if u google it!

And I'm a horror movie buff! Esp Japanese or Thai ones.. sometimes they can be quite humorous!:)

tuls said...

to me, a movie is not real.. i wont have any memory of what the movie is about 10 minutes later.. and there are so many movies around.. period..

lets go watch PRIEST!! i wanna watcht that!! interesting!!! :)

Chen Xing said...

@A: You should. Movie, once in a while is good.

@-aLEx-: Hmm, not really nice nice. Just nice.

And like I mentioned, I got depressed after watching it.


@J-boy: Oh my, scary. But I don't mind watching it with my partner (if I have one).


@tuls: I like Paul Bethany too.


Jon C said...

Just go with it!

I mean the movie :P
It's quite funny tho, Adam Sandler in it

alvin_t said...

when u watch a love movie, it's good to have a romantic dream once in a while ..

Chen Xing said...

@Jon C: Wanted to watch it, but seats weren't good.

@alvin_t: I know. That's why I still like to watch it once in a while.