Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Table for two, please !

Glad to have met up with you yesterday night for dinner. Happy that you have asked me out, if not, I can't even tell when we'll be seeing each other again.

Sorry, as I am supposed to see you on Saturday night but then friends decided to go somewhere else, no choice, that's why I didn't text you that night. If you were waiting for me to make an appearance, then I would like to apologize again.

We chatted on a lot of things yesterday night. Though there were few pauses in between those moment, you shared with me some personal details of your life and I am more than happy to be there and listen to all of it.

Relationship wise, career wise and family wise. I got to know about you a little bit more.

As I said, it's been a year knowing you. A lot of things happened and yet we still chat once in a while.

You showed me the picture of your boyfriend, and I am glad to see that you are happy to have him by your side. You told me the story on how you guys met, and I can tell that you guys are indeed so caring to each other. Though it's only been few months into the newly blossomed relationship, I wish you guys happiness.

You asked about me then, and I told you that I am still the same except for a whole-load of work-stress on me. You asked about my love life, and I gave you the same answer - still the same, nothing much to update.

Somehow it doesn't matter, I am just glad that you still want to meet up with me.

You sharing, being honest and how open you are to me last night. Perhaps, we are now really friends.

Do keep in touch then.

*Thank you for the dinner !


tuls said...

make sure the keep in touch doesnt involve touching, that will be selfish for both of you.. but he is even wrong to even do so cos he is attached.. CX, hope you find someone soon ok? maybe kidz? hehehe.. sorry arr.. i love to kacau you two dono why.. hahahahah...

kidz said...

The person himself wud know best, whether there is still feeling or not... best thing is to move on like Tulsie says..

Tulsie, hehehe... no prob.. will kacau u too.. =p

Skyhawk said...

CX will find his soon...Kidz could be the potential one so long he doesn't tear down when he is urgent...but anyway, CX may like the wild style....joking nia...!

Mr ET said...

Who is this guy? Any history between you 2? Or just friend since 1 year ago? CX, dun look too far liao, CX is just at the island. (other island is also island ma). Rawwwrr

Mr ET said...

Oops, I mean Kidz*

J-boy said...

it's really nice when someone opens up to you, even if it's just a friend. :)

u get that warm, fuzzy feeling without the whole clingy, love sickness that comes when u open up to a lover..

so much less complicated rite :P

tuls said...

wah.. now whizkid also sokong me synergistically trying to mematchkan you two! muahahahahahaha!!

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: I am aware of the line that I must not cross. Somehow, I am just happy seeing him opening up to me.

@kidz: If you were to ask, obviously I still want to get to know him more. But then now, as long as we still keep in touch once in a while, I would be glad.

@Skyhawk: Lol, one thing for sure, it is not easy to search.

@Whizkid: History ? Something happened. That's what I can spill for the moment.

Problem is, one island to another island is not a short trip.


@J-boy: Somehow I am not sure whether I am having a mix-feelings or him.

tuls said...

you are just happy to see him opening up to you??????????????? OMG!!!!!!!!!!



Chen Xing said...

@tuls: How I wish...He's a nice person.