Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First day of work in the new year of the Rabbit.

Somewhat different.

I woke up, freshen up and took the elevator down. Walked out, outside and stood for a moment. Looking at the car passing by, one by one. Agitated and anxious, I am still waiting. Finally, I smiled.

I am not hitch-hiking, I am not waiting for someone. I am actually making my way to work.

I am back to the not-so-long ago me. A year back when I just started working, I used to commute on a daily basis to work. Sometimes, inter-changing up to 2 buses to reach my workplace. The journey can be as fast as 40 minutes and about 90 minutes if the traffic was terribly bad. Oh my, don't even want to talk about the journey back. Missed the bus, you will be reaching home after 8.

A year later, I am repeating the routine again.

Not that I am letting go the comfort of my car, got no choice as of now it's in the workshop and hopefully in 2 weeks time, I'll be able to drive again.

Sometimes, having to experience a different kind of routine is not that bad after all. I am taking this as an opportunity for me to walk even more steps, changing a different scenery while on my way to work and to sleep and wake up early. Though sometimes, waiting for the bus can be a bitch, I am alright because I know it's only for temporarily.

Back to basic, making you humble.

Carpool me anyone ?


Aiden said...

Why does it take so long? Was the accident really bad? Hope you get your car soon!

And yeah, waiting for the bus is a bitch. Good luck =]

Skyhawk said...

Didn't know our public transport system is so backward..anyway, back to basic make us humble is very right. Hope u get your car soon.

Chen Xing said...

@A: Not really that bad. Probably due to the Chinese New Year breaks that the workshop is taking.

@Skyhawk: Yup. Sometimes when we don't use it, we assume that it's alright. Actually, a lot can be improved.

Crossing fingers, hopefully in 2 weeks time.