Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guess what ? I have just reached home.

It's been a really long long day at work.

Diet for the day: A packet of Nasi Lemak (supposed to be for breakfast but then only managed to eat it right after the lunch hour) & a packet of instant noodles for a very late dinner. Occasionally, water and a cup of coffee.

I thought today will be sort of a free day, as in everything will be under control. Few deadlines, brief in some jobs and go home around 6. Again, this industry proves me wrong today. Senior colleagues were all out. Some went for meetings, one was on leave while the other one was on medical leave and I am all in for a one-man-show running around like crazy.

Not going to complain about it, but to sum it up:

  • Client kept on changing the content of the advertisements when it's like already the final day and final hour to surrender the materials to the media.
  • Size was sort of wrong, alignments were all out of the place.
  • Files given were not complete.
  • Called a colleague in the creative department, dropped by and helped out.

At the end of the day, managed to send it right before the midnight to meet the deadline.

Wow, I really need to re-evaluate my career path.

15 hours in a day !

Do I really want this ?

*Going to freshen up, eyes can barely open and a little dizzy. I deserve a good night sleep !


tuls said...

take a run while youre still young!! health for important ok!! load up with H20 and rest ok!! night!! :)

savante said...

Make sure you get loads of rest after. Evaluate the career as a whole. DOn't base it on one crummy day.

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: True. Need to be busy and go all out. Don't I always gulp down plenty of water.

@savante: I mean that's the life and expectation in the ad agency. Slowly, trying to turn it into a fun thing for me.

True enough, will need a serious thinking to this matter. But then again, perhaps I just need to let it all out after a stressful day.


Mr ET said...

And yet I still complaining of mine.... Gud luck man!!

alvin_t said...

ur still young .. go for it .. one/few nights shud be good .. anyway .. CONGRATS ya ...

Chen Xing said...

@Whizkid: Thanks. Hope it will not be a daily thing.

@alvin_t: Yup. I am alright with few nights every once in a while.