Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If you were to ask me honestly, I think I am absolutely lost.

After what happened today, I am a little pissed off and glad to say that I have indeed learnt some valuable lessons in life. And let me stress, particularly life lesson pertaining to my career.

  • A phone call last Friday evening while I was enjoying my dinner sounded something like this: "Hey, are you in the office. Oh, then it's alright. I'll sort it out by myself."
  • It rang again and this time: "So, you know what happened. Apparently something went wrong. You made a mistake. First thing Monday morning, come to my room and shall go through the event." 
That explained the uneasiness in me for the past weekend. I was told that I did something wrong. Feeling unaccepted, I walked in to the office today. Faced my boss and taking in bullets when supposed I am not the only one to blame. Right after that moment, I walked out and checked through the whole artwork again. Thrice I examined it carefully. In the end, we did no mistakes and of course I walked back to my boss and showed her.

Conclusion: Do people always make assumptions without going through the facts ?

  • A situation which goes something like this: 50% increase in the basic pay, at least an additional benefit, new environment with new medium to work with, a level or two higher than the current position.

They asked whether I am still looking. Almost gave up, but then I said yes as I needed a fresh place to work in. I don't like it when I am too comfortable. Not a healthy sign. Supposed to get back to them on when I can start, but then again, standard protocols must be complied.

So today I called again to confirm and they told me that "it's going to be put on hold". What to do now ? Almost told everyone that I am leaving. Embarrassed and scared.

Career guidance needed badly.

Conclusion: Keep the big mouth shut !

Basically, those are the 2 things that still bothering me up till now. Off  to bed now, an early start for me tomorrow.

Oh god, help me.


Aiden said...

Sounds complicated.. hopefully everything will be alright. If it doesn't go the way you wanted it to, maybe there's something better in store for you lateron. *hug*

tuls said...

keep the big mouth shut ! yes!! oh CX.. hopefully you dapat the job la!!

savante said...

Hopefully the new job works out!

Chen Xing said...

@A: Yup. Keeping my options open for any possible opportunities.

@tuls: That's the lesson. Sometimes keeping it to yourself is way much better than telling everyone else.

@savante: Crossing fingers, and if I do get it, just hope that it's the right decision that I am making.

Thanks all !!!