Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bill Cosby and his show, Kids Say the Darndest Things. We watched it, we laughed and sometimes were amazed by the impromptu replies given by them. Kids will always be a kid, young, innocent and can get away with almost anything.

Aww...I miss being a kid again. Being cheeky, having to play most of the time and plenty of school holidays. Can I have my childhood back, please ?

Well, today's entry is not really focusing on being a kid neither on my childhood but then it's actually more on the adults take, guys doing/saying the gay thing. May it be straight guy or gay guy, what's the gayest thing a man can do in his life ? Though it depends very much on the scenario once again, I am just eager to find out.

Does kissing a man, by another man consider the gayest act in this rainbow life ? Or by being effeminate consider the gayest act, or simply by being gay already the gayest act in the world ? So, what's the gayest act you have engaged in or simply the one that you have observed in this society ?

To me, the ultimate gayest act or dare is to be in drag. Salute those drag queens for being able to carry the persona with poise. Imagine all the hard work they will have to pour in just to produce a flawless face make-up and not only that, ruthless insults that they had swallowed in with pride. Am always inspired by them, and are always fascinated by their performances on stage.

If I were to have a similar show like Bill Cosby, it will probably be called "Guys Do The Gayest Things" and  I'll invite all the guys to cum come and express the gay act. Maybe will have the drag queens to do the opening act, then followed by one on one session with the invited guests.

Sounds crazy funny, but I am liking the idea. LOL !!!

*Damn, I am so gay till I am still having a "Lady Gaga - Born This Way" hangover.