Wednesday, February 23, 2011


tuls said...

i nampak:
1. a girl
2. leaf poop/urine cos its under the cibai of the girl
3. platipus mouth with teeth thats dripping with saliva
4. kidney
5. fishpole (tadpole + fish)
6. sotong.

ok.. good night!! :)

Skyhawk said...

lolx Tuls...Cibai u pun mentioned...Kidney? lolx!

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Just some random stuff that I was thinking at that time. Actually, trying to form a face feature.

@Skyhawk: Skyhawk, skyhawk...somebody has been gone missing in action lately from the blogsphere.

Glad to see you here.

Skyhawk said...

At least I never miss your blog first thing when I return...

Chen Xing said... simply flattered.