Sunday, February 27, 2011

A place where you are not allow to be sad.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, paradise is the place where you would want to go just to unwind yourself. Often, we tend to work hard for this ticket and it's even harder for those couples as sometimes the location of paradise can be a little hard to locate. A common ground is needed to be agreed upon, in order to have a place to care and love.

Couples that see each other almost every moment in the relationship tend to find paradise when conflict arises. That's when either party will realize how to cherish the special kind of bond they have.

As they see each other too frequently, they neglect the need of it and paradise to them will be when they take a break away from each other. That's the time when they reflect and learn how to cherish the presence of one another in the unknown address to paradise.

For those couples who are separated by distance, being together with each other would be the perfect paradise. The feeling of wanting to see each other, playing the waiting game and the ever building anticipations, all worth while when eyes to eyes meet.

Smile on their face.

It's not easy for them as they can't visit paradise as of when they want. They will need to set a time, book a place and more importantly how willing are they to travel to the euphoric destination ?

Not that I am currently facing this situation but recent revelation has resulted me to write about this and true enough, maintaining a relationship is not that easy. But from what I can observe, trouble in paradise tends to happen more explicitly to those couples who see each other everyday.

Now, that's an irony.

Well, leaving it to those who are in a relationship to decide on this. As I am still single and very much available, I shall just indulge myself to the music video below.

Naughty and wanting to out the little devil in me, it's alright for single people like me to feel that way once in a while.



thompsonboy said...

I would have much prefer Rude Boy...LOL

Jon C said...

Hmmm. Reminds me of Kelly Clarkson's - Ohh! I do not hook! I go sloww..

lol :P

Skyhawk said...

Agree...even it's paradise, problem tends to occur. Not explicitly for the couples who meet everyday, LDR has its own problem too....

Sometime, I hope I live in utopia, where things are perfect...haiz!

Chen Xing said...

@thompsonboy: I just like the tune of this song, not really that into the video though.

Welcome to my blog !


@Jon C: You sure you don't hook up ? Hehe...

@Skyhawk: Reality kicks in, there's always up and down in life..what's more if it's a relationship ?

Tolerance would be the keyword here.