Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gaining whole new insight.

Previously, I am managing a pretty decent blog expressing my thoughts from a closeted gay boy point of view. That blog, resides around my college-life drama as well as "encrypted" gay life encounters of mine.  Now that I have decided to take blogging to another chapter, I have decided to just start fresh and to blog as a happy (though at times not so happy) rainbow man.

Fabulous, I know. So, I was chatting with my friends the other day and came to know about this blog. Now, I'll have to admit that I am blog-catching all the entries. Not quite done yet as there are many more entries for me to read. Somehow it got me thinking that one can be really expressive when they put their thoughts into words.

Honestly, I stumbled his blog quite sometime ago. Only that I didn't really go click on it and read the content. I only follow couple of blogs, and to be honest those that I follow are normally my closes friends blog. Starting the second blog, still see me following closely to a handful of blogs only. To sum it up, as I was blog hopping once a upon a time I stumbled upon his blog.

Friend got me hyped up, so now I am catching up on what you have written and trying to learn from your life.


tuls said...

i have got one friend that follows more than 100 blogs altogether and he could spent one whole day just reading them man.. hahaha.. thats like totally crazy.. but his job as a pilot allows him cos he has so many off days :) chen xing.. keep blogging ok! happy rainbow man :)

Chen Xing said...

Ok, 100 is really amazing. I am guessing the blogs must have appeal to him very much.

As to me blogging, don't worry..I'll be around always. :)