Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding bells, two souls, perfect setting and a chapel aisle.

That's a wedding a girl would dream of. I am not a girl, and I fall for a guy.

I am supposed to forget about you, move on and live a happy life for myself. I tried before for nearly a month, not to think about you. I succeeded but then, you resurfaced to my life. At that time, not sure whether I am scared, shocked or pleased. All I knew was that just glad to hear from you again.

That was then. Once in a while, on and off we sort of keep in touch. 2-3 months into the future, I am getting the same treatment all over again. Whenever you throw the bait, it seems to me that I am the one who came crawling back to get hook again. I thought I am like some kind of fish who swims against the current. No I am not, I follow the flow..the rhythm you set for me. I hate it and I hate this part right here.

Today was the ultimate indication. No reply, no interest. I think you are cutting me off from your communication. I am alright though a little sad. I must move on, really let go and I don't want to hang on any longer.

Someone out there, please help me get out of this misery.

Thank you.