Monday, September 20, 2010

A few things been circling my mind:

1. On mom seeing him. Mom sort of saw him. Mom asked "Who is that guy". I lied, I told her that was my ex-colleague. She said "How come so mature-looking". I don't really know what to say. I called mom the next day, she asked again. Asking me the friend I am with. She asked me to be more careful in the people I am mixing with. It's hard to trust people nowadays. Guilty, as part of me not taking in mom's advice.

2. On BFF. So, I saw your friend. You introduced me to him. I said hi and smiled. We didn't chat that much. Now I am thinking, best friends don't go fucking people together. It's just weird.

3. On the chat with Plan B. Mixed feelings. Not sure what he is thinking right now. I talked to him about Plan A. He seems surprised as me & A still keep in touch. I am not trying to make him jealous. Plan B told me, I don't need a new guy to get over Plan A. I showed him Plan A picture, commented nothing as he doesn't really know A. Plan B said "Don't think too much, every time before making decision regarding Plan A..better think twice".

Now, should I be hoping? All I'll have to voice out, Listen