Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh man, you got to be gay to be so overly dramatic.

I am not sure, but sometimes I do think that only gays fancy lavish dinner party.

There's one thing that I think I sort dislike - birthday dinner party! Yes, indeed this is an annually thing but then seriously I don't really give a damn on this as I myself don't expect people to go celebrating it for me. I mean, why only once a year go for fabulous dinner when you can be fabulous all year round? Weird right, or just trying to save up?

I hate it as most of the time when we want to get social, few people will tend to drift away, not wanting to participate. Hello honey, it takes money to gain a social life. So you decide upon yourself whether you want to have a life or not.

No one can buy you a social life unless you spend it on your own.

Blowing the candle seems fun, but trust me till you suck a dick the taste is whole lot more different.

Happy Birthday!!!