Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's been quite some time since we hang out together as a group.

Take few girls gays, and put them together. Remarkable to see the topics of conversation we engaged in. Oh okay, was talking about my outing with my BFFs.

Friend's day, I supposed.

Yesterday's catching-up was all about self-empowering and inspiring each other. From the crazy idea of putting our lives on film and to be made into a movie till spilling out saucy confessions, I had fun. Talking to each other never been that fantastic.

We headed out to the gay hub in the city, Pavilion. Dined and hang-out there most of the night. As usual, we managed to find comfort at Starbucks for our coffee and chat session. Perfect setting for a tell-all session, to see and to be seen.

Outcome of it, saw handful of cute gay guys. One got inspired to hit the gym, one is now deeply focusing on his career, one is changing his lifestyle and one more got his desperation for relationship cut down.I am assuming the latter one is no longer that desperate anymore.

So, when will the social get-together outing be?

Let's hit the club, can?