Saturday, November 3, 2012

Welcome, to the best month of the year - November.

Oh yes, the birthday month and officially now, I am in the year end mode.

A little rewind, yup, I got the best dressed award (for Male) and the price was Starbucks card. Not bad.

And since you guys were curious in the last post, and curiosity might kill a cat, I decided to wear a cat-ear, bow-tie & a tail.

Heheh, a character cross between sleekly cat-woman and kinky playboy-bunny. Of course, with a little make up on for the nose & the whiskers.

Am glad, and I enjoyed the party very much.

As for yesterday, went to another party. The "Grammy" of my industry. Initially planned not to go, but then after a moment of thinking - what the hell, it's Friday and get a life !

Thank god the rain stopped, and tagged along my colleague's car and headed to the award show.

Today, another dinner to attend. Got a haircut, in time for the perfect month of November.

I am excited.

Are you ?


Leo Nut said...

Yerr.. Why never take my costume idea?? hahahaha

J-boy said...

Wow wow wow, congrats Mr. Best Dressed! ;)

Unknown said...

Can I have the permission to wear that for next year? LOL

November..always the time for me to reflect back what I have done.. =S

Twohornschild said...

nice... simple and nice. end of the year is always fun and its gotta be busy.

savante said...

Blur out the face and show us the costume! :) Sounds nice!

JokerPJ said...


Congratz =D

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: Hehe, maybe next year ?

@J-boy: Thank you. Probably I won, becaused I made everyone to vote for me. Kekeke...

@Shin Yong: Go ahead. I can loan you the ears, bow-tie & the tail if you want to.


@two horns child: Busy for you ? I think it's going to be a "relaxing" one till the year ends.


@savante: Aiks, but it's the head which made the most part of the costume.

Hmm...maybe I'll post it.

@JokerPJ: Heheh, meow !