Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Haha, old flame never fades they say.

Vanquished. Came back. Gone again.

So this time around, it was in the elevator.

So close yet so far.

Well, caught you peeking. Putting on a friendly smile. That's kind. I saw that gesture of yours.

We are just friends now nothing more than that. Adults in the working world, professional and each focusing on life in front of us.

As there were many other people inside, couldn't really strike up a conversation. Can't ask "How are you ?", not even "Have you taken your lunch ?" or plainly "How's life ?".

It's ok.

Just to be clear, not there to stalk. Aptly just having my lunch there, with my colleagues.


*This is not about the recent inter-racial guy. It's about the older previous fling which I had sometime ago.


Twohornschild said...

Hmm... Weird moment there. At least you guys acknowledge each other.

tuls said...

flame or fling? if flame, i wonder what will the reaction be, will it depends on who dump who? or who is still clinging on to it?

if fling, will it be: omgosh what is he doing here kinda feeling? or will it be like: omgosh i wanna fuck him tonight kinda feeling? or will it be based on is he single/attached kinda status? ....


i dont know what will i do if i suddenly bump into bubu in a lift...

i dont know what will i think pun...

will i smile? will i tear? will i feel like hugging him... wah... dowana even think......

Da Closet Guy said...

Yet you are thinking it (:

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Yup. Texted him later on, but the chat was briefly only.

@tuls: Flame or fling, don't think it matters now.


Well, I think just smile back. Why cry ?

I think by now, both have already moved on right ?

@Da Closet Guy: Tuls you mean ?