Thursday, April 18, 2013

This, probably the last one.

Never to be told again.

A tale, a story - failing in uniting two souls. One of it, certified lonely while the other simply just unreadable.

It was at the lunch hour, I came out slightly later and was not with my colleagues. They texted me, telling me where to meet.

Took the elevator down.

Walked our, and saw you right there. Here I am looking at your back. I walked towards to my colleagues, and they have reserved a seat for me.

Yes, am facing you now though with a 25 degree angle slightly to left.

I could see that you are about to be done. I ordered, and nervously peeked at you.

Few times.

Still the same, having your meal like a hungry boy. Joking with your colleagues, having a chat or two.

It put a smile on my heart, just to see you again.

Of course there's like a barrier a line of wall now. Preventing me from doing anything more other than to look and be "thankful".

Not quite sure whether you noticed me or not, but given the position and the angle - I think I just can't be missed.

It's ok.

To sum it up, once again we "pretended" like we never knew each other.

It's ok as well.


tuls said...

awwwwwwwww....... *hugs* stick to intraracial lo :)

Leo Nut said...

Hugs! ><

So random use restaurant city one..

Twohornschild said...

Sometimes... At times like that. Seeing then being well comforts us as well.

J-boy said...

hehe I like how you use
25 degree to the left haha :P

We both enjoy spying hahaha :3

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Thanks. Will try.


@Leo Nut: Haha, can't find the perfect actual picture of a restaurant to use.

Hence resort to this as easier for me to mark where I sat and where he sat.


@tow horns child: Kinda true.

When my eyes looked at him, it sort of put a smile to my heart.


@J-boy: Yup. We should totally open up our on PI office.