Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The past 1.5 weeks...

How do I put it ?

Crazy nights, crazy days...

Work, fun & play.

Last weekend sort of "organized" a hen's night. No male stripper, but the activities were crazy.

In fact, was surprised that I can "emcee-ed" so well. Totally utilize the one hour slot given to me.

A small gathering of only the people in the same thing, I bet the bride-to-be didn't see it coming. Of course, she was a sport. Participating in the games we planned.

I think now she gained additional few more tips to be used in bed.

Girl, practice makes perfect !!! Don't forget. So practice, practice and practice with you partner ya.

And for today, went for a photoshoot. Watch out those spaces, you might be seeing me in the new future in billboards & newspaper (hehe, though not really that prominent).

Not easy being in front of the camera, but when I glanced at the computer screen...I was happy with the outcome of the shots.

So I guess the 1.5 weeks back then, weren't that really bad after all.


Anonymous said...

ya ... besides, having fun totally enhanced the your day ! am i right ? haha

are-5th said...

whoaaaa ..!! chen xing become a model already!

Da Closet Guy said...

What ad what ad?? Lol... Will search for you using magnifying glass! Lol...

Twohornschild said...

Emcee??? Never knew you are do sporting. Always have thought that you are the quiet type.

Chen Xing said...

@Olivera: Yup. Indeed. I need more shopping though, probably will go get some this coming Wednesday.


@are-5th: Haha. Probably the Client is on a tight budget, hence picked us as the model.


@Da Closet Guy: Hahah, will tell you when it's out. Probably in July - September tim eframe.

@two_horns_child: Well, it's just a small crowd. Furthermore, they are my team nothing to be shy of.