Sunday, April 7, 2013

Indeed it's been a while.

Almost a week I would say ?

Am still here, still alive - slightly busy with some tasks at hand.

Back in home town last Wednesday till today. Basically was at home for the ancestral prayer with the family. The presence being with them, it's better than any vacation or trip out the country. Hence, the short hiatus from the blogsphere.

A lot of things had happened the past week and the happiest one, I would say it's about work.

Yup, I got the official letter of my promotion last Wednesday afternoon, slightly after lunch. It was something which I have longed for and in terms of the increment - it's an appropriate hike.

Something, which is within my expectation. And with that, I foresee a heavier responsibility as well as the role to inspire the exec under me.

Finally, it's official in black & white. The management made the announcement last Friday but I wasn't there for the little celebration.

Of course it takes time to learn and take charge of the new role, but I guess no one is actually ready until the position is given to them.

Am just happy, thankful.

That's the kind of motivation am looking for to carry on what I love doing.


JokerPJ said...

Woi!!! You ffk me!!!
Makan when!!! haha, you will be fine =D


Ash Godiva said...


Anonymous said...

congratulation !
Promotion is always the most wanted, so to speak, thing for all the employee out there. It's such a huge motivation for you to move toward a greater height !

kiddystick said...

CONGRATZ !!! time to do more shopping =P

Twohornschild said...

Glad that you felt all hype up!!

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: I did not. Furthermore, I don't want to interrupt you and Sam's outing.


So when ? Dim sum ? Or vegetarian restaurant ?

@Ash Godiva: Thanks.

@Olivera: Indeed. And am slowly adapting to the new role.


@kiddystick: Haha, that's what I have been doing the past few days.

Feel so guilty now.


@two horns child: Hehe, all good now I would say.


Da Closet Guy said...

Congrats! I'm sure it's a deserving one!!

Chen Xing said...

@Da Closet Guy: Haha, thanks.