Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It's only a week and the pressure is on.

Somewhat I would say.

Here you think that with the addition of another person to the team will ease the workload - no !

With the higher role, comes greater responsibility. Hang on, or is it "with great powers come great responsibility" ? Well, whatever it is I think I am just pressuring myself a little just too much right now.

Somehow, I'll just need to take it easy and the transition will just come smoothly. And in months time, I will adapt to it and be comfortable at what am doing.

Perhaps, it's a fa├žade I put on wanting to tell people that am in control and I don't want to let nobody down.

It's definitely a pressure, the kind of stress which I like as it's challenging.

Work aside.

Life has been good. Good in a sense that I got to spend last weekend with my family, and there's nothing more I could have asked for.

The urge and longing for that companion, or the other half is still deep in my heart. But for now, it seems that to focus on career would the the right move to make.

At least for now.