Monday, April 29, 2013

Through out the past years, it has always been me failing to be in a relationship with a guy.

A serious one that is.

Disregard who, but it's seems that every time when I am so close to confess my feelings - guy(s) will just drift away. Further and further away, turned cold leaving me back to my lonely world.

All by myself.

Two weeks back, a friend actually said this to me:

"I think it's you, and not them. Out of so many guys and you are still not able to be in a steady relationship. I think the problem is you."


And it got me thinking.

Perhaps deep down inside I am not ready ? Deep down inside I don't really want a relationship ? Or deep down inside I have been looking for the "same" kind of guys.

Referencing past history, guys that I have came to like were either of character A or character B. So what is it about ?

To look for guys of C, D, E till Z in terms of character ?



Unknown said...

Or it was no one's fault, just they don't feel the same way as you did. Sometimes, you need to rest for a while when finding the Mr. right, to clear your mind.

kiddystick said...

yea..just confessed to someone too.. why they have to drift away.. urgh

Ash Godiva said...

maybe you need to find someone serious about relationship...

Danny said...

hmmm .. i think you might want to change your approach of searching for the right one :)

all the best

Anonymous said...

at least you are better than me. No one ever approaches me.

Chen Xing said...

@Shin Yong: Sigh, been resting all my life.


@kiddystick: Maybe their initial intention was not "relationship" and have intended for something else.

Hence when we confessed, they got shocked and moved away.


@Ash Godiva: True.

@Danny: Yes, please teach me new "approaches".


@Olivera: Most of the time, I think I approached them more than they approaches me.