Thursday, May 2, 2013

It felt like Monday today, strangely.

Thank god it's not and tomorrow is Friday.

Yeah to me !!!

It was a long day indeed at work today.

A day's off yesterday caused all work to be piled up. A lot of running, a lot of executing and a lot of typing to be done.

So, is everyone a little excited as the voting day comes one day closer ? In less than about 72 more hours, a new dawn will break and when Monday comes - we'll definitely be feeling a little somewhat different.

Honestly, am not a big fan of politics.

As to me, it's all dirty and let's face it - equality to people like us especially in this country can never be achieved. Not at least in the near future and perhaps in 100 years to come, maybe it will.

Either side you choose, my believe is that the same sh*t will still happen as "power" is something which we human can't control and die to have more. So when ones in power, do you think they will let go easily ?

Whatever it is, when you wake up this Sunday morning, take a second to reflect on our beautiful country and what will it become in 5 years time. Then, don't think about it till you reach the polling station.

The choice is yours, so vote wisely.

And to those who are travelling back to their respective home town to vote, travel safe !


Twohornschild said...

Yeah... Everyone around here are all about politics.

Anonymous said...

people now are so concern about politics. like they know shits about politics.

Mr ET said...

dun care who win, who lose... only care how long it will take for u to get 8 more followers...... maybe u can discount a bit lar.... another sneak peak at 50? (since u have 52 now) whahaha

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Indeed it was an intensed Sunday.


@Olivera: True. Somehow, I choose observe first for now.

@Whizkid: Haha, promise is a promise. Hence, number still remains 60.