Monday, March 18, 2013

Despite the happy happy good news, I am seriously not feeling this week in my work at all.

That's what work & career is doing to me.

Am sensing that everyone is turning against me internally and externally. So bad that I feel so sad to find the drive to continue at what I am doing right now.

Don't get me wrong.

I am pretty much in control, but sometimes, when either party doesn't want to compromise - bad thing happens.

Just like what happened today.

Today, I got a nasty email from the Client. Partly my fault for not voicing out my concern, and not filtering some stuff before sharing it with them.

Devastated as one wrong move will definitely break the years of rapport you build with the Client.

As much as creativity or would I say that the kind of work we do is kind of subjective to judge, if the Client is paying you big bucks - by all means compromise a little more and assist the Client to achieve their vision.

Just do it anyway.

And, though I have gotten myself a very good offer at another place. My heart now is resting on the fence, not wanting to fall to either side of the ground.

That's life.

Making tough decisions, when all you have to be sane would be the stress from work...


Twohornschild said...

Wah!! Like Devils Wears Prada! Only this is the opposite. Well... it's easy... if you can see yourself improving the situation and your work standards in the future then why change? But if you already see a stop here... by all means go to a new environment. Anyway... is this the only one prob that are screwing your spirit??

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Sigh, I guess "managing" people's expectations would be the exact problem.

Sometimes, people are just so hard to read and pleased.

And it makes me wonder whether it's worth continuing or not.

As much as this is about my life, sometimes a third party point of view would really help.

Am now doing a list of pros & cons between the current and new company.

i) New Company - Both pros & cons weighs about the same.
ii) Current Company - Cons definitely more than pros.

Can we asking questions to a lot of people, but at the end of the day - it's the kind of decision that you can only make.


Ash Godiva said...

everything that we do won't make everyone satisfied so just do your best and continue what you do....*hugs*

JokerPJ said...

Herm... gonna weight all options carefully eh~

but I somehow felt that you knew the answer dy =P

Anonymous said...

" trust your believe .."
That's why I always believe.

Twohornschild said...

I guess The list helps in some ways. Why not have a list of what you can do to improve the situations too. One list of what you can change in the old company and one list of what you can start in the new. Then look at it and see which one is more realistic.
It's because that everyone seems to "draw" into the way you manage that's why you got the position in the first place. Managing people is not about pleasing everyone but it's to please everyone including" you" . That is to achieve one goal. So you need to genetically engineered "one" rule that makes everyone "one" eg; get everyone's votes for one solution if a problem rise up. Or have a meeting to up cycle the old ways to new productive ways. Get everyone to vote. No babysitting.
I don't quit. So changing job is out of the question. But I also do believe that if you are feeling all shitty about where you are now. Changing to a new environment will up lift your spirits. It also means no rest. You have to work twice as hard to stabilize your position there.
What is holding you back from quitting anyway. Fear of new challenges or you know you can improve the situation here but its just too shitty to touch?

Chen Xing said...

@Ash Godiva: Yup, I can never please everyone.

@JokerPJ: Hehe, there will be an answer once come tomorrow.


@Olivera: Thanks, and I will.

@two horns child: I felt that I am just starting to taste my "achievements" in the current company - hence that's also the reason why I am so reluctant.

The idea of a list on change/start in current & new company indeed realistic to apply.

Thanks for all the advice.

I really appreciate it.