Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear zhenyu27,

I  truly value your opinion and comments.

Do hope that you will continue to provide your constructive criticism in many many post to come. Continue traffic my site, as frequent as possible.

Only then I will know how to improve myself, blog and my written entries.

If you think that I am threatened or afraid by this, honey, bring down my site and hack it. Come, spam it !


Online, Social Media & Digital is what I do, and handling crisis has always been my day to day job.


Just to be frank, get out and get yourself educated. Expand your knowledge.

The world indeed is a wonderful place to live.

If you think that commenting negative remarks will bring down one's day, I guess you are wrong. Actually, you have inspired us all to continue blogging by keeping our passion burning even brighter.


Leo Nut said...

Lol, *high five!*

Ash Godiva said...

In my opinion zhenyu27 is simply an example of disgrace to chinese,he displays himself as an example of someone that is utterly imbecile and NEVER use any facts or logical explanations in delivering his points.he always make me wonder if he was raised in a low-ended upbringing:D

soul232 said...

Hear, hear!!!!! Time to strike will come ^^

Sam said...

Never be afraid to stand for what you believe in, Chen Xing. :)

JokerPJ said...

haha, good one =)

Da Closet Guy said...

This Zhenyu27 fella is seeking attention (quite obviously). Perhaps we should just ignore his comments (not giving him the attention and feedback he wants). He is entitled to have (and voice out) his opinions. I think everyone knows whether what he wrote is acceptable or not.

Let's move along now. :)

ooi2009 said...

CX , do u agree with zhenyu and his points on chinese supremism ? i see many scolding him , but what is ur opinion on what he says >?what is ur opinion on interacial ?gosh, u shud write a post on that . e

Vincent~ said...

i don know.... he is quite a nice, friendly commenter last year.. i still rmb his encouraging comments on my blog.

But now he din come by anymore and started writing down these odd comments on other blogs as well. something mz hav happened to him....


zhenyu27 said...

everyone can deny it , but im telling the truth . proof to me what i said is wrong . thats why we date our kind only .

Da Closet Guy said...

The "we" must be a small "we" (pun intended)

J-boy said...

I guess this person must have some inner demons of his own.
I feel... sympathy for his tormented mind and soul.
You have to be a really troubled individual to behave like the way he is behaving.

Just hope he finds his way before it's too late... I have seen a number of people self destruct in this lifetime.. it's not pretty for anyone..

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: High five back to you !

@Ash Godiva: Definitely. Pity his parent for not giving the best parenting skill.


@soul232: Definitely. One day...KARMA !

@Sam Nasser: True, and I will continue to express my thoughts.

@JokerPJ: :)

@Da Closet Guy: Trust, beneath the computer screen...I can see that he's one hell of an ugly nerd.

@ooi2009: It's either him, or me. You choice !

@Vincet~: Hahah, don't care and don't want to know about his life. And if he's reading this, life is indeed tough.

@zhenyu27: Fucker, there are a lot inter-racial couples out there ok. Open your eyes and see for yourself.

@J-boy: Ya. Me too.