Thursday, August 2, 2012

Uber hot, hot, hot !

Germany gymnast, Marcel Nguyen. He's been my Olympic eye candy the past 3 days.

Been staring at his pictures day & night, streamed online to watch artistic gymnastic and oh my, I can just melt right away.

Continue staring won't bring him to me, might as well drool on the pictures below then.


Sadly, he's straight & taken.

Oh ya, and have you guys give a listen to Isles of Wonder: Music For the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, in particular to Disc 2. It's jammed pack with good tunes, perfect for a spirited inspiring moment.

Go give a listen !


ooi2009 said...

im hotter anyway ,,,,,

btw did u see jboy singing , i feel that he is very thin and youngish ...not my type pun ,....hopefully he has a huge bush ....ok bye

J-boy said...

LOL at Ooi's comment :P

At this guy is indeed eye candy :P :P :P

Twohornschild said...

I love his skin color. It's mmMMmmm....and his hair never falls down yeah? Anyway the bush in the Japan Gymast's armpit is way disturbing!!!

JokerPJ said...

I wonder... is it the olympic or some beauty/hot hunk contest... lolllz

Ash Godiva said...

to that gf of his,damn,congrats, you're one lucky bitch.....

yea...the weather is cold and my friend even managed to troll my other friend thinking he's at italy

Chen Xing said...

@ooi2009: You are teasing me. Seriously, you are hotter than him ?

@J-boy: You should sing, and record more. Hehe.

@two horns child: Oh ya, you noticed that too.


@JokerPJ: It's both. But then again, at least it got the "non-active" people to turn into watching the Olympic games.


@Ash Godiva: Ooo...