Monday, August 20, 2012

Come for a city tour with me, will bring you to places where food & shopping is glorious.

Nah, that's pretty much my past weekend.

Making full use of the long Raya break. Traffic was great, easy drive around the town.

The bestie was in town, and there's nothing more happier than eating & pampering your own-self with shopping. Oh yes, indulged in yummilicious meals and got myself pretty decent clothes.

Along the way, we did clubbed on a Saturday night. Went to Marketplace, but somehow not really feeling the music. Yikes, perhaps we are old already and clubbing wasn't really the suitable scene for us anymore.

Today, I would say am a little lazy.

Can't blame me as the weather just now was so cosy - it rained the whole day. I slept till noon, napped for a while in the evening, did my laundry and some house chores.

Off now to go pack dinner, anyone wants to tag along ?

**Hehe, before I forget, blessed Aidilfitri to all friends who are celebrating. And yes, am craving for lemang, rendang & Raya cookies too.


Leo Nut said...

Can take me touring when i get back?.. ><

ooi2009 said...

take a "city tour" of me ! with manboobs !

Twohornschild said...

These rainy days are making my days aren't any easier actually. :)

JokerPJ said...

I wanna follow also =C

Marketplace? why not @loaf?

another event coming up, 30th Aug... =P

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: Lol, and I thought you are KL/Selangor boy ?

@ooi2009: Aiks, I don't think so I can. Your "manboobs" must be hard to climb.

@two horns child: Huh ? I thought we love a little sprinkle from atop ?


@JokerPJ: You follow me ? Or I follow you ?

I drove by @loaf and it looked like there's no one there. So ended up at Marketplace.