Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh well, it took nearly about a year for this post to finally come.

Thought that it could have happened like few months earlier.

A number which I promised, 40 followers and something to keep the anticipation going on.

As of the recent me, I got to confess that I am hooked to reading Fifty Shades of Grey the past few days and am finally done with the first book. Starting the second book real soon.

No wonder it's like best-seller. Take out the sex-scene, the whole romance it's just so perfect and at the same time sort of relatable. As I read, I would smiled, laughed and got myself into a comfort imagination.

Oh well, if only I have those kind of relationship depicted in the book. Am nowhere close.

So, hope you guys like to play with jigsaw puzzle. Let's put the pieces back together.

Perhaps, when it's 60, things will be less complicated and a perfect picture will be up in the scene. Maybe ?

As for now, let's put the pieces back together.


JokerPJ said...

Pika!!! Is that Chu?

soul232 said...

hurmmm..wonder what will I find out after I put all pieces together XD

Danny said...

congrats .. sudah mula nak tunjuk muka huh?
now the world will be much prettier :)

are-5th said...

i'm such a blonde... how to susun the puzzle?

p.s. 69 rim for word verification? that's very interestinggg...

J-boy said...

The grand reveal!


chaiminhuei said...

Some things are better left in it's broken state. :D

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: Lol, so cute the way you phrase it. Hmm...yup, it's me.


@soul232: A picture ?

@Danny: Lol, actually last time also started to show some face already. Hehe, the world is already at its prettiest stated.


@are-5th: Well, you can try arrange it mentally. Mental picture in your mind.

p.s. That's a word, no stranger to any of us. :)

@J-boy: Lol. Not really grand also.


@chaiminhuei: Hmm, am still trying to interpret your comment as correctly as possible.