Wednesday, August 22, 2012

There's a certain vibe to starting work on a mid-week.

Strange, as there's nothing much to do. Oh well, nothing at all I would say.

Purposely reached the office slightly later than the already late usual timing. Switched the laptop, and waited for the emails to load.

Nothing !

Yup, client is still on Raya break till next week. So, decided to go in and had myself a leisure time. Finishing up some unfinished stuff where I left off before the break, and basically doing things with my own sweet time.

It's rather quiet in the office, I streamed the closing ceremony of the Olympic right after lunch - finally. Watched it, and left the office right after that.

Yup, left an hour early and I don't think they will say anything as there's really nothing for me to do.

Oh well, now am sitting in my room and thinking about weekends.

Any suggestions on what to do ?


JokerPJ said...

There's the party at loaf on the 30th, countdown something... there's a pool party on the 31st... there's plenty more events on the 1st and 2nd...

dont worry too much~ =P

Ash Godiva said...

we take a break and you also take a break,apparently next week after the holiday we will still in raya mood with lotsa department open houses:D

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: Pool party at the Loaf ? Hmm..your life is so happening.


@Ash Godiva: Ooo..I have yet to visit any open house.