Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's a day whereby I just wanted to be alone, figuring out what's empty inside.

Planned to nap, do some house chores, do some reading and the continue with the napping. That's what at planned.

Somehow, it's been getting really depressing that am lacking of social life. Err, not "social" social as per say, but then the life after weekdays 9 - 6. What else can I do ?

It's not healthy to be just thinking about work all the time.

To join gym ? To go out and shop more ? To read, and continue reading on books which of my interest ? To get myself a life.

Oh well, of all the above, I resort to food. Aiks, am turning from size zero to wearing a fat suit now.

Need to get a life now, how much for sale ?


Shadow Wind said...

one of those emo days huh....sigh, nothing a cup of coffee and some happy thoughts cant cure...

or to be more realistic, a sea of emo songs to drown you in ur sorrow.

then we wake up feeling better in the morning!


soul232 said...

To drag ur friend out and yum-cha at odd hour till the dawn breaks =P

Well, it's basically..just that u need to go out to get special delivery to home XD

ooi2009 said...

will i ever get a guy with a huge bush and thick thighs ?
will i lose weight/manboobs in 2 months ?
will i ever meet and see how macho u are ?

wil i ? will i ? WILL I ?

Chen Xing said...

@Shadow Wind: Indeed it's always better after waking up.


@soul232: True, you get to catch what's out there if you want it.

Oh, but then yesterday evening's match was kind of inspiring to watch.


@ooi2009: As to your 3rd question, if there's a will there's a way.

Am not really macho.


p.s. Someone showed me your picture, oh ya, it's true what you said about yourself last time. Hehe...