Monday, July 30, 2012

And there's a jazzy tune to it.

Somehow, started off with high elevated spirit and ended up with a rewarding session.

Yup, and I thought that it will be a busy day for me.

Guessed not, as I was just busy during the first half of the day and right after lunch, was pretty much leisure.

Streamed the Olympic Games opening ceremony and watched it for about 2 hours and so. Initially had planned it to watch from 2 till 6 (yes, it's 4 hours-long stream in YouTube) but then along the way got some work to do.

It was indeed inspiring, many ideas got into my mind and felt kind of happy. Maybe it's the musical opening, changing scenes, story telling journey. I got goosebumps in a good way.

Wanted to continue watching it, but then accidentally clicked on the close button. Kaboosh, gone & I just don't want to stream all over again. Or maybe it's the clock, sharp at 6, automatically telling me to leave.

Dropped by Midvalley for a little therapy, and oh-boy, shopping indeed makes you happier. Got myself something (it's been a while since I last shopped) and bought a book. And oh ya, of course got to see few hot eye candies as well. off to shower and bed soon.


Leo Nut said...

Unfair lo.. Aussie here cannot stream from Youtube.. :(

I need shopping therapy also..

Danny said...

i teared when i head the song at the revolution scene .. so the touching la :)

Ash Godiva said...

and i accidentally dropped by to genting

JokerPJ said...

Ah shopping~

Your work so good hor... can watch youtube from 2 till 6... then go home... loll

Shadow Wind said...

= ) hahahaha at least u had an interesting day!

are-5th said...

wahhhh.. i havent done therapy for such a looooooongg time!!

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: Aiks, I watched the Opening from Youtube.

What about other video streaming sites ?

And oh ya, sorry ya, just saw your tweets just now.


@Danny: Ooo, the opening. You go listen to Disc 2, music they use during the Parade of Nations session.

Very nice.

@Ash Godiva: Lol, so nice. How was it ? Cooling weather ?

@JokerPJ: Not always. It's like when you are free, you will be extremely free. When you are busy, you will be too busy and work till late night.

That's life. That's working life.


@Shadow Wind: Yup. Thanks, and welcome to my humble blog.

@are-5th: You should Quick, quick.

Furthermore it's mega sale season now.