Friday, August 31, 2012

It's a lazy day for me, I declared.

A long weekend, being today a public holiday.

That can be why I love this country so much. I had in mind few things to do, and can proudly say that have completed most of it.

Just an hour ago.

So for today, I have decided to head out and do some banking/payment. That's the drill, money in and money's out. Followed by a quick lunch, and groceries shopping.

Am surprised with the amount of things I bought in a short period of time. I am cooking dinner tonight - comfort food just for myself alone. Did my laundry, and took a short nap.

Refreshed, am ready to cook & clean the house later.

Oh well, that's my day today.

Happy 55th Inpendence Day to my beloved country.


rickycarter93 said...

I want my holiday too. I need that "Lazy Day" declaration so so so soooo Bad!!! Seemingly a good one for ya there! I miss Malaysia so much!!

JokerPJ said...

Lollll at the comfort food part~ why ahh???

Leo Nut said...

Boleh masak untuk ku? :P

the viennamese said...

Good to see you on Thursday! Janice was like my super traffic last time. Her nickname was 'Wonder Woman'. Hahaha.

are-5th said...

i spent my merdeka holiday nursing my headache...

kiddystick said...

wah.. i wan eat

ooi2009 said...

so twinky la u ......need to fatten up , macho urself to be my man

Twohornschild said...

That was a pleasant day. It's nice and envious babe.

Chen Xing said...

@Eric Hah: You're always welcome to come back here. The sun is calling.


@JokerPJ: Lol, just wanted to feed myself with better food.


@Leo Nut: Can. What would you like to eat ?

@Ex. C: You seems way taller. Likewise, good to see you too.

"Wonder Woman" eh ? Heheh...

@are-5th: Aiks. What happened ?

@kiddystick: I'll cook again. Don't worry.

@ooi2009: Huh ? How ? Go gym ? No money, you sponsor me ? Can ?

@two horns child: Don't have to be feeling that way.

Hope that you are no longer looping Adele. What about Spice Girls or ABBA for a change ?


are-5th said...

it was a very hot day at my place. and i x do well in hot day. i can easilt get headache on hot days..

Chen Xing said...

@are-5th: Yup, I think me too facing the similar problem as you.