Friday, August 17, 2012

It's 50% off today.

That's for work I mean.

Heheh, considering that it's the Friday before the long Raya holidays decided to take my time and strolled to the office at about 10 something.

On my way, colleague texted me and said that the management had given the second half off to everyone.


So came in and quickly finished up some work and packed my stuff. Only asked for 1 box, but it's enough for me. Done with all the recycle papers, now just some essential things on my table which will only pack it into the box during the final week of the month.

After lunch, went out for some window shopping and got myself a haircut.

Hmm, now thinking whether I should nap or do some house chores.

What say you ?

I am like hooking to the song above since yesterday till now. Of course I wouldn't know the true feeling behind it as love never really comes to me yet.


Jason said...

eeh? you changing job? why pack stuff one??

Leo Nut said...

Found new job dy? =/

JokerPJ said...

Take a break =D

You need one for your next half =)

Twohornschild said...

Thanks for the song Xing. It did me go roller coaster through so many emotions. One thing is that my tears kept coming out non stop after listening it. I mean even my self felt that it's a bit too much. The lyrics hits me on many spots..i guess...and the ending where you can hear her breath and her voice trembles..hits the spot. It also gave me courage to confess.

Chen Xing said...

@Jason: Nope. Shifting office. Company got a new place, hence will need to pack and move by the 30th.


@Leo Nut: No. Still the same job.


@JokerPJ: Heheh, indeed a long weekend is what I need.

What next half ?

@two horns child: Ya, the ending indeed really very genuine expression from her.

Am glad that you got it out from the inside.

Happy things will come, no matter what.