Sunday, September 2, 2012

The heat is overwhelming unbearable.

Oh well, am in this tropical country where by the sun rays to hit directly onto the surface. Burnt !

It's been so hot that, staying in the room for more than 3 hours will cause me a headache towards the evening. Hence, am kind of digging the idea of "going out" during daytime whenever the weekends approach.

I try at least.

Today, fun-filled activities filled the list. Exciting I would say.

Started the day early, headed to the new office at about 10 am. Waited for few colleagues to arrive. Headed up, and opened the door. Oh wow, now this is the kind of inspiring office that we need. Really, impressive I would say.

Walked to my workspace, and the space is just big. Unpacked, and felt uninspired. Perhaps, I will need sometime to fab up my place for a continuous flow of creative juice.

By 1 pm, done with unpacking. Left the office, drove to meet mom.

Headed to Ikea with her, had lunch and dropped her off at the bus station.

Indeed a well spent day. What about yours ?


rickycarter93 said...

The summer heat in London is killing too. But trying to avoid the heat. But wished that I had the same kinda day with friends and family. I am stuck in the studio all day today. And it will be dark when I get our from it. Envy!!! hahah..

are-5th said...

decorate urr cubicle with cute stuffs! i have my moo-moo!

*cannot over decorate because mine is an open cubicle*

Danny said...

ooo.. time to add some animal prints to your work place... make it ;p

JokerPJ said...

I dont have a workplace to decorate =.=

Maybe I should set up a home office... herm...

Add some wall paper? Bean bags? Vending machine? hahaha

How about the evening? what do you do then?

Shadow Wind said...

ah the heat! its been so hot almost unbearable nowadays but oh well, try to get the shade once every now n then n u'll be fine! cheers!

Ash Godiva said...

just entered my new work place yesterday,still undecided on what to decorate...

Chen Xing said...

@Eric Hah: At least, in the studio and with music surrounding you...melodically inspiring right ?

@are-5th: Hmm, I don't really do cute. Well, maybe I'll think of some other concept.


@Danny: Ooo...wild and exotic. Grrr...

@JokerPJ: Ya, you should set up an office. I come work for you.


As for the evening, I continued with my reading.


@Shadow Wind: Yup. Hoping for it to rain, finally it rained.

So nice.

@Ash Godiva: Oh ya, how is it ?

are-5th said...

ouhh so is your concept going to be kinky? XD

Chen Xing said...

@are-5th: Just want to be fierce !