Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's official !

I am officially broke.

Yes. Savings all gone, and emotionally I am completely drained off.

Anyone, can just "rape" me and kill me. Take my life, and leave me alone.

The car caused problem again, and that has been happening for the past 3-4 months already. I can't be forking out on average 800 bucks per month to go through all this shit !

It's damn shitty, and I am seriously thinking of getting a new car.

Damn it !

*How do I grow my money ? How do I invest ?


Leo Nut said...

Don't la ask people rape you..

I've never had car problems so I can't really comment.. *hugss*

soul232 said...

sometimes the maintenance will cost u more than getting a new ca..if u are paying 800 each month, u better use that money to buy new car

i can just hope and pray that it will be better soon for u >_< *huggsss*

Ash Godiva said...

the title sounds so wrong,as if you're very horny.

Be strong ok?come,i teach you(i know a bit only) how to invest,mail me at

the viennamese said...

Hang in there! You'll weather through this rough waves soon enough.

800 bucks/mth on car maintenance is really a lot! Perhaps send it to its make specialist centre and get it sorted out once and for all?

Meet up soon for a catch up sesh please!

Take care. xoxo

Danny said...

maybe its really a hint for u to get a new car.. so that u wont hv so many problems .. :)
or maybe u shld really start with ur special project.. that one i think can earn quite gd money as well worr.

chaiminhuei said...

You'll get through this, don't give up! And even if you are poor, don't give away your dignity. I can never rape you, and that's not for the lack of trying. :(

ooi2009 said...

NO ! u shud rape me instead!

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: I don't want to, but it's just too dreadful.

@soul232: Aunt & uncle said not to sell, as there's no value.

I really don't know what to do. Have done my research, it seems ok.

Anyway, thanks.


@Ash Godiva: Ok ok. Will email you one day.


@Ev. C: Hanging on now...

I am completely numb, and the car thinks that I earn 5 figure per month.

How's work at your end ?

@Danny: You have any contacts to share for my special project ?

@chaiminhuei: Lol, it's just some random word to express my frustration.


@ooi2009: Where's your picture ? I am still waiting.