Monday, March 5, 2012

Tell me, what will you do if a guy (which you think that there's a potential to form a relationship) gives you such replies.

Damn turn-off, it's such a waste of time to even entertain him right ?

Sometimes I do feel really guilty for purposely not replying his messages or even purposely replying him late. I really don't know.

Part of me is saying that he's not the one and is just fooling around, part of me thinks that he is sweet though sometimes I am not treated the way I am supposed to be treated.


What do you think ? What's my next step, what are my options.


Leo Nut said...

Honestly i think all these depends on you. I cant really be a judge because i dont know him. He could be joking or maybe he is just that type of person, you should know his personality, but i would regard it as fooling around.. If that person really is the one, the first picture would never be up there.. =/

soul232 said...

both of ur parts are really not convincing at all, if that is what u been feeling at the moment

i would say, f u are not seeing other guy at the moment, give him and urself a lil bit more time..for u to know him better and for him to feel comfortable, maybe..but if after a month and he still like that, it;s ur call :)

Vincent~ said...

feeling ugly, cant meet?

= =

if theres a possibility of a relationship you hav to get tat out of the system lol

ooi2009 said...

haha , i like ur twinky - ness ....too bad im attached to tuls , if not i would have eaten u up

chaiminhuei said...

He doesn't seem serious. Be careful yeah.

savante said...

He does sound a bit mean. Though I do like the Feeling Ugly bit.

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: Exactly. I think he's just wasting my time only. Honestly.

@soul232: Well, it's been almost 2 months and I am not feeling the excitement anymore.

I don't know who to blame, which phrase to use. "It's not you it's me" or "It's not me but you".


@Vincent~: Correct. And is not that I never asked, I did asked him few times and all the time he kind of reluctant to meet.

Hehe..perhaps I am just putting too much high hope.

@ooi2009: I wish you the best with tuls.

@chaiminhuei: I will.

@savante: Reading your comment, hmm..I think he is being mean afterall.