Sunday, March 18, 2012

I was once feeling insecure about myself.

The way I look, and the image that I am projecting to the mass crowd. The transition from a teenager to young adult.

Just a moment ago, I browsed through the past pictures that I have in Facebook, as well as those that I've saved in the laptop. From the year 2009 till now, I got to say that I have changed a lot.

From the way I dress, and from the way I look. Of course it's for the better. And I am just so happy of my current self  (and that doesn't mean that I'll stop improving myself mentally & physically).

Back then, acne, blemishes and pimples conquered my face. I got a little down and depress and most of the time disliked taking picture of myself.

Now am glad that with a strict skin-care regime, I manage to control and improve the skin condition of my face.

Remember to always wash, tone & moisturize. All these, twice a day for a healthier glow to your face. Scrub & mask once in a while.

I am now, a cam-whore. And still a sucker for beauty tips. Hence, care to share your beauty secrets with me ?

*This post is not a sponsored product review write-up of any particular brand.


chaiminhuei said...

Never touch your face with your hands (unless you're washing).

chaiminhuei said...
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Twohornschild said...

Ha ha that's funny.No tips from me, but am really glad u are comfortable with your current self meaning that you are confident and confident people are always attractive (Except the over confident ones)

Ash Godiva said...

bah,i only do step 1 and my skin glows,got many other ways to do it.

p/s:on the curious george post:rezeki depan mata,makan ajelah,hahahahaXD

justin k said...

for some reason I read cum-whore.

And what are you talking about?! You love taking pictures of yourself back in 2009! I have photographic evidence.

Danny said...

mine is just cleanser n toner :)
so happy that u r growing vogiuer n vogiuer..

btw.. WHERE'S THE PIC!!!??? ;p

Chen Xing said...

@chaiminhuei: Correct.


@two horns child: I am confident. But I don't really think that I am that attractive.


@Ash Godiva: OMG, you are born with good genes.

Thank your mom & dad for that. Hehe...

And about the "rezeki" it's just something to discuss. The opportunity or would I say the "guy" is really not there anymore.

@justin k: No, am not a cum-whore.

Well, back in 2009 I also depended a lot on Photoshop. Oh my god, I just confessed.

@Danny: The picture is on the way.