Monday, March 12, 2012

You will just have to wait, at least a while for good things in life to come.

It's a well practiced behavior in the society.

Wait for the fruit to ripe before eating, wait for the food to cook before eating, wait for the bus to come before riding and so much more of waiting.

It may seem a little non-nonsensical on the above, but then again when it comes to you - your own self, you tend to be impatient and rush to things.

At most time, it's not a healthy sign and perhaps slow a little down and things will go through smoothly.

The past weekend got me into thinking, though read a lot on work related stuff, the subconscious mind echoed in my mind on these few things:

  • Career - it's alright to let go of the opportunity. Now that it's nearly 3 weeks, I pondered back and agreed that I am not ready to move yet.
  • Money - it will never be enough and to earn one lump sum in a short period of time is somewhat impossible but to gradually increase and save the earnings would be possible to do so.
  • Well-being - whenever you are feeling down resulted from someones ill treatment, ignore them and carry on with life. Put a smile and distract your mind away from them.
  • Love - there is no deadline to this. Hence, why the chase ?

And yes, no doubt the almost first quarter of the year brings much of a challenge to me, I am still not over with myself yet.

Am done expressing.

Looking forward to the positive days ahead.


chaiminhuei said...

I must learn to be more patient too.

soul232 said...

u are absolutely right. we dont chase love, it is there already =)

ooi2009 said...

if ur less than 25 , ur cute , if ur more than 25 ur hot .Thats based on how u sound in ur blog . I am expecting u to be less than 25 .If ur over 25 , i have an all different perspective(and fantasy) of u

are-5th said...

now that certainly put my things into perspective..

J-boy said...

Yes I'm still waiting to meet someone that enables me to feel what love really is hehe :)

Chen Xing said...

@chaiminhuei: Yup. Once in a while, we should really sit back and relax a while.

@soul232: I know it's there. But where & when.


@ooi2009: It's over 25, what's your perception on me then ?

@are-5th: Probably that am feeling exhausted, hence the reason why I need to slow down for now.

@J-boy: When you feel, do share with us.