Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So, I was back home last weekend.

Look what I've stumbled upon.

Miss you so much !
Oh my, that little bolster of mine from the good old days. Have that bolster ever since I was a baby and it's still pretty much there.

Everytime when I go back home, I will cuddle it to sleep without miss. I tend to fall asleep easily if the scent of the bolster is with me.

Hehe, am such a baby.

Mom tried to throw it away few times, but of course I forbid her to do so. One good reason to use, sometimes when my nephew comes by, he'll need a small bolster to sort of "tuck" him to sleep.

So, do you still have something from your childhood with you right now ?


soul232 said...

not anymore..my parents threw mine years ago T_T

and i cant use ur reason..all my lil nephew/niece bring their own when come for overnight..huhu

kiddystick said...

still have mind, i actually warn my mom. if she throw away, its going to be WORLD WAR 3 LOL

chaiminhuei said...

I have my soft toy monkey. Not very emotionally attached to it, but each time I see him, I can't help but smile. :)

Danny said...

din tell anyone cos it's not very vogiu.. but i oso have my bantal busuk ...lol

btw, that leopard print and tiger stripes ... very wild horr? ;p

the viennamese said...

Hahahaha!!! Oh my god!!! That thing is as old as you? =P

ooi2009 said...

when will u tuck me la?

Chen Xing said...

@soul232: Hmm..then you should probably get a new one. Hehe...

@kiddystick: Lol. My mom did asked few times, but I just said cannot.


@chaiminhuei: Care to share that toy monkey picture ? Heheh, me too want to smile.

@Danny: You still have it with you the "bantal busuk" ?

And yes, it's an African Jungle on the bed. (But actually, the print mom chose one.)


Ev. C: Yes.

@ooi2009: Don't know.


one-kun said...

bantal busuk!!!

i have many of them, and every time mom throw's away mine, i make a new one.

having two bantal busuk at the moment lol!

Chen Xing said...

@one-kun: You should really tell mom, not to do that anymore.

Heheh, anyway, am sure the new "bantal busuk" wouldn't smell the same as the first ever one.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.