Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hiya ! Happy Saturday, and I've been lazy the whole day.

I don't know why, there's no urge of going out and be seen, and there are no more series for me to catch-up this month.

Aiks, what am I going to do ?

I've been listening to the mid-90s Malay love songs, yesterday night till now. And once in a while I tuned to disco songs for some groove.

Am I getting old till my social life is now slowly fading away ? Just to confess, I slept till 3 pm just now in the afternoon.

How's your Saturday, and what's the plan for tonight ?


soul232 said...

As usual for sat, go out, chill with friends..hehe :)

go have some nice dinner...bother ur friends til they agree to follow u..hahahaha =)

kaka said...

Go to do some exercise... it helps!

Danny said...

no more series to catch up? call me la.. aiyo...
saturday night .. stay at usual..

chaiminhuei said...

Watched MPO. Come let's have gathering.

ooi2009 said...

breakfast in bed with me?

ooi2009 said...

do u know chaiminhuei , what is his msn , i want to try seduce him pulak ...since ur giving me the cold treatment

Chen Xing said...

@soul232: Aiks, problem is...I don't really have that many friends around me.


Perhaps I should just force myself to break out of my-own cocoon and be a social butterfly.


@kaka: Yup, sometimes when I sweat I feel whole lot more better.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

@Danny: Ok. I think will call you soon because me done watching the series already.

I can't wait for the next season.


@chaiminhuei: Wow, that's a very classical taste to a night-out.


How was it ?

@ooi2009: You cook ?

I don't know him, but I wish you the best.