Thursday, February 9, 2012

Once again, am about to make an evaluation to my career path and a decision on what's best for me.

To me, work is the same wherever you go so long you are still in the same industry. Passion will still be there, and the motivation would be the money that you are banking in for yourself, and for the future.

I was called by a friend of mine for an interview.

It surprises me that the opportunity came sooner than what I have expected. It went pretty well, and they are willing to give me what I want though the catch is, they will only take me in as a "contract" for the first 6 months to "test" me out first.

I have no complains about my current place. Manageable workload, flexible hours and that doesn't mean that I am already comfortable here. Still, you will need to learn how to deal with different personalities of people in the industry.

Which side is greener ?

I love the job that I am doing (though going over there would still be the same scope) and I love this industry.

Hope I'll find the answer this coming weekend. I was once told, you leave either because of money or because you are not happy.


tuls said...


soul232 said...

if u have no problem, no need to move especially when the other side only give u a short period contract

nonetheless, u know what best for u =) *hugs*

Danny said...

hmm .. tot ur current job is less than a year?
but if u r very confident and happy with the new offer.. why not? :)
all the best...

dun forget, u still have back up plan maaa...:))

chaiminhuei said...

Job satisfaction is paramount. Enjoy your new job and all the best!

ooi2009 said...

hugs tight tight ....we make love ok?

savante said...

Find out more about the offer. The grass really can be greener.

J-boy said...

I think it's a good thing that humans are constantly seeking better opportunities. That's how we improve our lives ;)

And I think the grass on the left is greener. The one on the right seems brighter, hence less green.. also more blur coz the one on the left definitely looks sharper.
Haha, were you really asking the question or was it more of a in-general thing? :P

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: I think I need ice-cream to comfort me now.

@soul232: The contract is just to test me out. If I am ok, then they will take me in as full-time after the contract ends.

@Danny: Correct. It's only less than a year. Up till this moment, I am still weighing the options.

Thanks for comforting, but the back-up plan, can't really tell when it will happen.


@chaiminhuei: Well said. Have yet to give an answer yet.

@ooi2009: Lol, you seems to be making love with all the bloggers in the realm.

@savante: Yup. Researching now, and asking people around me for their opinion.

@J-boy: It's more of a general thing.

But then what you said, is quite true. In life, what we can do is to keep on improving ourself till we are near perfect.

Thanks to all of you, for your kind thought.