Thursday, February 16, 2012

I think thus far, I've been having a good working life.

Ever since I jumped to this agency, my usual off-work time will be around 6.40 pm. The latest I would have to stay would be 8 pm.

Today, it's a whole new record. I reached home at 10.30 pm (and I am still complaining about it), and the worst part, I skipped dinner. For the past 2 nights, consecutively. Perhaps the feeling of "not really hungry" tricked the stomach to stop asking for food or there's simply just no one accompanying me.

Sucks! Called few people, and it's either they already made plans or had their dinner already.

Well, I know it's an unhealthy lifestyle, and I am not supposed to do it very often.

I mean, if they would have prompted me and notified me that I need to stand-by, then of course I would have filled my delicate tummy with something. At least to munch on something light first.

Next time, I'll just stock-up more comfort food in the office and at home.



Danny said...

next time can call me oso..
nowadays super free n sien ;)

btw, ur 2 words verification.. very the susah la ;p

chaiminhuei said...

Always keep something in the office in case of emergency situations. Take care yeah.

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Ok, next time I will call you out for dinner.


@chaiminhuei: Yup. Just bought some stuff. Bringing it to the office tomorrow.