Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fans can make you famous, a contract can make you rich. The press can make you a superstar, but only love can make you a player.

Am listening/watching Madonna's new single over and over again. It's a quiet Monday for me, perhaps due to the overly-charged weekend which drained almost all of my energy and some soul out. Emotionally tired !

While on the above, am also reading about car engine online.

No, am not sitting for an exam on this subject nor am I on a vocational course. It's just that, the car created problems and mum lectured me for the lack of knowledge in this field.

Just don't know why but I show no interest in cars - except for the phrase "riding it". Now, I got no choice but to educate myself.

Gotten some useful information and cross-checked with what the workshop guy told me. So far so true, and what can't be used anymore needs to be changed.

It will definitely be another hole to my pocket, no choice but to fix it. This the part where I dislike the most.

Like what I stated in the beginning of the year, I'll need to be more discipline and be more aware of things surrounding me.


tuls said...

i also no talent in cars... shyiats... got go park thaw or not!!!?!?! chap goh meh leh...

soul232 said...

I love the above quote ^_^

That's normal if we nvr encounter any vehicle problem..i only learnt when the car i drove start to create problem, if not i'm not going to waste time reading on unnecessary stuff xD hehe

Danny said...

add one more item to the Mr right criteria :
mesti tau repair kereta ..lol ;p

the viennamese said...

HAhaha. Cars. Hmm. I'm beginning to like em more and more. =P

J-boy said...

hehe next time when i'm having car troubles, can i get your help CX? :P

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: No. I didn't go anywhere "special" last Monday night.


Got no one to go out with.

@soul232: Lol, same here.

@Danny: Already in the list already. What if the Prince Charming rides a horse instead ?


@Ev. C: Car-ride ?

@J-boy: Lol, sure.