Saturday, February 11, 2012

I consulted you twice about my dilemma whether to take up the offer or not.

That was the very last moment, talking to you.

It was always a special moment hearing your voice as I tend to get happy, smiling every time when you speak. But that, you wouldn't know as for the past one month, nothing physical being invested in this interaction what we have pretended to call love.

You said you would call. When I asked again, I got the "I am not in the mood reply" and that was the moment when I decided to put a stop on the hurtful treatment that I am getting. Abusive, and it's painful to my heart.

It would be better for me to stop here, before I fall even deeper for you.

You were careful and secretive in telling me things. I am alright, we were just friends and I can't really demand everything or anything from you. It's like, whenever you have the time, you text me. So, who am I to you ?

It's just so weird for me to see a sudden change in your mood, affection and you are not even giving me the opportunity to share your problem with me.

Maybe, that's not what you are looking for right now ?

I have also asked, why there's no date or meet up to this, and your answer to me was "not yet".

So when ?

I guess it doesn't matter now as I am taking the quiet approach by walking away from all these. Erasing you from my presence, and let me move on with someone else - if there's someone else to begin with.

There's no point, when you have fallen for someone and all you got was the unreturned love.

Perhaps, it was all an experimentation. Lets not waste our time, lets not play with feelings.

And back to the very first line of this entry, you said it well. And I will take the advice given as the motivation for me to work harder in life.

Thank you.


ooi2009 said...

hug and kiss

ooi2009 said...

i want to hug and kiss u

soul232 said...

Time to move on, something that is easy to say but hard to person involved >_< don't ruin ur weekend :)

chaiminhuei said...

"Let's not play with feeling."


Chen Xing said...

@ooi2009: Can you for once be faithful, and just choose which blogger you would want to shower your affectionate with ?

@soul232: It made stronger. But it's all good now.

@chaiminhuei: Simply because it's just a waste of time if we were to play with that.