Sunday, February 19, 2012

Am not in the mood to play dress.

Been down with flu since last Friday, and up till now, still not getting any better. If yes, just a tiny bit of recovery.

Coughing like mad, feeling slightly feverish and I've been sleeping the whole past weekend.

Went to see the doctor, and all she gave was a cough syrup & pills for the flu.

Oh my, I need a vacation badly.

Upcoming weeks, you better be a good one.


J-boy said...

Take M.C.!!
Yeah there seems to be a bug wave in the Klang valley.. lots of ppl falling ill lately.

Get well soon :)

chaiminhuei said...

Get well soon, I'm also just recovering from my usual tonsil infection.

Danny said...

rest more n get well soon..
worst coem to worst.. put extra thick blusher to work tmr.. so that u'll look more ;p

ooi2009 said...
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Twohornschild said...

Take a warm bath and sleep under three quilt so that you will sweat frantically. Trust me...when you wake up the next day you will feel much better. Anyway hope it works for me.

ooi2009 said...

i want a man shot from u

the viennamese said...

Hope ya git well soon hun. Don't overwork urself, cuz I know that you probably do. Lols. x

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: Apparently, the doctor didn't give me one.

@chaiminhuei: Thanks. too, take care.


@Danny: Hahaha, what about concealer ? Can ?

@two horns child: That's what my mom asked me to do just now, but am slightly well now.

@ooi2009: How can I shoot you ? You are just too adorable...

@Ev. C: Lol. Thanks. Am trying to leave as early as possible already.